Gold Fly Line | Floating | Weight Forward




The REEL Gold series of floating fly lines are our most versatile range due to their ease of use across a range of different action fly rods through the unique taper design as well as the excellent performance to price ratio.  A smooth easy casting line that is suitable for all our inland waters from both cooler winter waters as well as warm summer waters. Our braided REEL Gold Core construction has created an exceptionally low stretch supple line that has almost no memory, even after storage for long periods of time. 

The REEL Gold series works across our full range of fly rods but excels with the Eco Swift range.

“The All Rounder” 

  • Weight: 2 – 8
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating line
  • Shape | Taper: Weight forward
  • Connection: Welded loops x 2
  • Dual color: Smooth Yellow & Moss Green   |  Sky Blue and Cream  |   Aids in distance gauging and stealth approaches while casting
  • Specialty:  The all round REEL fly line that has exceptional usability from both dry, wet and nymph flies   |    Usable on a wide range of fly rods from medium, to medium fast and fast
  • Length:  85 – 100 foot
  • Material: Polyethylene out coating
  • Core Technology: Superior feel, sensitivity and feedback through the REEL Golden multi-strand braided core technology   |   Minimal line memory   |   Excellent loop stability  with pin point precision
  • Usability: Smooth and easy casting supple fly line that casts further and lasts longer
  • Life Span: Fly lines life spans are based on the environment they are primarily used in, however we have numerous customers with lines that are still going strong after 4 years of regular usage in normal fly fishing conditions.


Andy from The Fly Casting Coach makes use of the REEL Gold series of fly fishing lines for casting, demos and when fly fishing.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Line Weight


Fly Line Colour

Grey Dun | Smooth Yellow, Moss Green | Smooth Yellow, Sky Blue | Cream


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