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The All Rounder

RF Fishing specializes in quality fly lines that offer you specific tapers, designs and abilities for each of the ranges. The RF Gold series is a versatile floating fresh water fly line that has a well-rounded weight forward taper offering use on medium to fast action fly rods. The taper lends itself well to traditional nymph and dry fly applications. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to fly fishing the RF Gold fly lines will offer you proven performance and longevity to match.


The Taper

Our Proven weight forward taper on the gold series is the ultimate line for the all-round angler. The taper has a shorted head design offering quicker loading and improved accuracy ,while the moderate length belly lends itself well to performing longer casts with accurate presentation in wrapped up in one fly lines. The shorter front taper and longer read taper allow you to accurately shoot out line when needed but also turn over nymphs and strike indicators.


The Core

All our fly lines at RF Fishing make use of a multi-strand braided core construction. The advantages of our braided core technology mean no stretch, no memory and vast improved feedback into your fly rod and hands. PE or Polyethylene is an incredible strong fiber that is used in braided fishing lines as well as in the RF Fishing fly line cores. Braided fibers offer high strength to weight and diameter rations but also gives fly lines some rigidity or back bone. Utilizing the rigidity provided by braid we can adjust them for each specific fly fishing line giving you the best performance in each respective area.


The Specs
  • Weight Forward Floating  |  2 – 8 wt
  • Type  |  Freshwater
  • Connection  |  Reinforced welded loops on both ends
  • Color  |  Smooth Yellow & Moss Green
  • Length in feet  |  85 – 100
  • Outer Coating  |  Polyethylene out coating
  • Core   |  Braided multi-strand core

What Included

  • RF Gold series fly fishing line
  • RF Fishing seasonal sticker/vinyl
  • Fly line care guide card
  • Protective box and packaging





Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Line Weight


Fly Line Colour

Grey Dun | Smooth Yellow, Moss Green | Smooth Yellow, Sky Blue | Cream

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    Andy from The Fly Casting Coach makes use of the Gold Series Fly Line for casting, demos and when fly fishing.

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