Warranty, Shipping & Returns

REEL Fly Fishing Warranty  |  Hooked-Up Warranty


“We’ve got your back covered” – with our Hooked-Up Warranty

REEL Fly Fishing South Africa strives for excellence in all areas of service and local backup, the REEL Hooked-Up Warranty is no different. Our fly rods* are covered by a limited warranty to the original owner, no need to fill out any forms or register any codes. When a fly rod* is purchased from REEL Fly Fishing your details are automatically entered into our records and in the unfortunate case of a breakage simply contact us directly to make the required arrangements.

Shipping and a replacement fee will be for the sender/owners account, the full fly rod is not needed, simply send us a picture and an explanation as to the damages. We can then quote you on a replacement section or model, saving you time and money for unnecessary courier fees. In the event that the model has been discontinued, we reserve the right to replace the rod with a current equivalent model or offer an upgrade for an additional fee. 

Costs to you: Shipping of the section and or rod to your location. Alternatively collection is available and if all is in order you can collect the very next business day. “Getting you back onto the water is our main goal !”
Model dependent pricing can vary, starting at only R 99.00 and up to a maximum of R279.00*


Shipping address and collection address:
147 Republic Road
(E10 Petroleum offices – Mark For attention REEL Fly Fishing)
Randburg, Johannesburg , Gauteng, South Africa 2194

We strongly suggest using a courier or shipping company that offer a tracking number in the even that you arrange postage yourself, we cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged returns due to shipping/handling errors. 


Rods covered by the Got Your Back Warranty include: Spectrum series, Brute Series, Merger Series, Nymph series, Pegasus Series.  While certain ranges may not be covered by our REEL hooked up warranty we can and will always support our full product ranges, time delays may occur on certain “unsupported” models or discontinued models. Our rods are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory and in most cases breakages are down to simple mistakes like vehicle doors, tungsten beads hitting the blank and creating cracks/weak spots, dropping and falling as well as sharp knocks that all can create weak spots on a blank that can fail from the time of the incident to a few uses from them. One of the largest factors with longer rods failing is the over extension of them and any slight twist in this extended state easily results in tip breakages – this is common through all manufacturers and is in no way a reflection of the blank quality/materials used. 


The above warranty is limited for repair or replacement of the fly rod only and does not cover direct, indirect,
consequential,normal wear,misuse, negligence, incidental or any other damage resulting from the use of this product. The REEL Fly Fishing Got your back warranty does not cover fire, theft, loss or intentional damage whatsoever. Colors and components may vary between original product. A section replacement fee will apply in the case where a breakage was not down to a factory defect. 
We reserve the right to request your proof of purchase when requesting a replacement section. Butt sections pricing is based on specific models and pricing/turn around time will be advised where necessary.


How to avoid the most common breakages | failures on your fly rod

Caring for you fly rod is paramount to enjoy it for an extended lifetime, be sure to store your fly rod in the supplied protective tube, take care when fitting the rod to not miss-align or not fit the sections correctly. A miss aligned section can create cross tension on the different sections due to  the spines of the blanks not being straight, this can drastically increase the pressure on key locations on the blanks and when extending or fighting a fish can increase the chances of a failure.

Not fitting the section into their ferrules can also create hot spots of high pressure on the blank, these spots can wear over time and ultimately will lead to a failure, be sure that when you feel the rod after setting it up that there are NO knocks, or slight “bumps” on the action when you feel it for “test casting” – this simple method can quickly identify if there are any loose sections that need adjustment or tighter fitment. 

Over extending a fly rod places massive amounts of pressure on the tip sections of your fly rod, this is especially true for a longer the fly rod. These over extended failures generally occur when trying to land a fish in a float tube or while wading shallow and trying to net them. Fish often turn at the last second and while the blank of the rod is under strain it does not work well for an sudden twists the fish makes, these twists result in breakages.

Carbon fiber is an incredibly strong material, however the higher the grade the more brittle and stiff it becomes – these fibers much like that of a piece of hard spaghetti can only take so much when under load, pressurizing the fibers beyond their natural strength load will result in failure – be sure to adjust the length of your leaders to allow for a longer more gradual curve on the blank in the final moments of landing a fish – keeping the arc and pressure lower means your rod will last longer and has a very low chance of critical failure. 

When submitting a claim we will evaluate the nature of the break, we will also use this article as reference.  


SHIPPING | National & International

RF Fly Fishing offers shipping both nationally in South Africa as well as internationally, we operate through a number of door to door courier services as well as drop ship options. We do not make use of any postal services due to their unreliability and lack of service.

Shipping within South Africa is generally through a door to door courier service or through PostNet to PostNet counter services, these are the two most reliable choices and we recommend making use of them when placing your order for delivery. Shipping door to door is usually done overnight and processed the very next business day to ensure you receive your order timely and intact. Deliveries that are located close to our head office are marked and dispatched for same day delivery if your order is placed and payment received for the next business day.

International shipping is quoted on a per customer and per order basis, however we offer incredibly competitive rates on door to door services via express. For reference a full 9wt fly rod, reel line and spare spool shipped within 2 days door to door from JHB to Dubai will set you back in the region of R900.00



All RF Fishing Reels and Rods are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee. 30 days from purchase you can return your purchase for any reason no questions asked for your money back. RF Fly Fishing is not responsible for return shipping costs. When sending products back we highly recommend using a courier service that can be tracked and can confirm delivery of shipments.

We will not be held liable for any lost, cost, damaged or incorrect items sent to us as part of a return claim. Once received RF Fly Fishing will review the items and if damaged through usage/shipping the customer will be liable for the costs associated. The customer will have the option of either a full refund (excluding shipping costs and fees) or an online store credit to be used for future purchases.

Fly Fishing lines are not covered by our 30 day money back guarantee, and a full refund will only be considered on an unused, unopened product. This is due to the nature of fly fishing lines, in the event a factory defect is found the line needs to be returned to RF Fly Fishing so that we can study the nature of the issue. A credit note will be issued that can be used on the web-store in the event a faulty line is received.