Welcome to Reel Fly Fishing South Africa, 

After 20 years’ of being on the water, Shaun decided to build his own brand so that more people can enjoy the art of fly fishing.

The goal for REEL FLY FISHING is simple – Allow as many people as possible the opportunity to experience the magical pleasure that is fly fishing, by offering top quality fly fishing tackle, gear and accessories at realistic prices.

We aim to equip more people with affordable, good quality tackle, all while breaking down the perception that fly fishing is an elitist sport.

All of Reel Fly Fishing’s gear is tested extensively on the water and most importantly, while battling fish, so you can rest assured that your tackle is of top quality.

With customers in South Africa, Namibia and Dubai, The United States and Europe Reel Fly Fishing is well on its way to becoming a recognized, respected and trusted brand in the fly fishing community.

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When fishing with a RFF product you can rest assured knowing that the gear you are using is just like that of the professionals, but without all the middlemen and exhortation costs associated. Our products are built in the same factories as leading fly fishing brands, the very same craftsmen work on our products and when tested vs some of the highest end gear their products are left standing. This is party due to the fact that we have a small batch turnaround allowing incredibly quick adjustments with the very latest materials, processes and design features. Our unique approach means that with typical brands you are using kit that is anywhere from 5-10 years old, RFF offers the latest tech year on year.

Our burning urge to bring the best products to you at the most affordable price possible is one of the driving factors behind the RFF brand, and our key to success over more traditional brands. 


Space age materials:

Over the past 5-10 years fly fishing products have adopted some incredible new technologies and materials at an astonishing pace. From Nano Carbons, to high pressure aluminium casting alloys and from complex compounds found in drag systems to the very latest carbon fiber advancements, these incredible new materials and processes are all forming part of our key products within the REEL Fly Fishing range. 

Traditional natural cork drags are robust and trusted, however their design is more than 20 years old and over the past two decades the new nano materials and carbon fiber latices greatly surpass them in all facets. At RFF we have adopted these new technologies and are well into the 2019 design cycle for truly “NEXTGEN” fly reels that offer zero maintenance, no fading and above all else smoother more powerful drag systems than ever before. 


Why REEL ? 

The desire to create is what has spurred me on, looking at traditional approaches to how products are released and their extended life spans was one of the key aspects that lead to the idea behind REEL Fly Fishing. The name REEL is a play on words, being both real in terms of value, quality and affordability as well as REEL in terms of the physical fly reels we use when fly fishing. The initial focus was on fly reels, but over time and through testing and refinement fly rods were added to the product ranges where we applied the same formulas that made people fall in love with our fly reels. 

As of 2019 we offer a substantial range of fly fishing products that have been thoughtfully designed, adjusted and tested right here in South Africa. Looking to support local we approached countless CNC and engineering specialists, whom unfortunately advised we rather look outside South Africa due to the specialized services and components needed for our envisioned products. RFF strives to support local as best we can and whenever possible.

Who We are ?

In no means are we professional fly fisherman, but rather down to earth fly fishing enthusiasts that enjoy flicking a fly at a 10″ trout just as much as stripping for a 40″ GT, this is what RFF is all about – ” Approachablity ” 

Approaching fly fishing from a different angle and breaking down the traditional elitist mentality is where the growth for fly fishing lies, not only in terms of products but also in terms of awareness and conservation. The more anglers we can educate, teach and having practicing sustainable fishing through the use of a single hook (Fly) means more for everyone else. Our fisheries are under massive pressure and the use of traditional methods where catch and release is practiced is successful, however single hooks cause far less damage to a fish that is released, this results in a much higher chance of a successful rebound period after being caught.  

Every fish released helps to increase our fish stocks and keep our sport alive, without a species to chase there would be no fishing and saddest of all no fly fishing. 

Encourage yourself to learn about conservation in your area, correct fish handling procedures as well as sustainable fish reserves. 


REEL FLY FISHING is a South African based company with a passion for products, the water and our fellow fly fishing family! 



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