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A page dedicated to feedback, affiliates and people whom we stand behind in the fly fishing industry.



The Fly Casting Coach

When it comes to fly casting, there is no man better suited to teaching you than Andy from The Fly Casting Coach. Be sure to head over to his website for all your IFFF certified casting guidance.

Andy regularly tests the REEL Fly Fishing fly lines and often makes use of them during his classes and helps to guide us in our fly line development. When Andy brings us feedback we really listen, sit down and take to heart what he has to say, as he truly is the “master of the art of fly casting”




Tidal Loops

Deon, from Tidal Loops is an expert in his field and if you are ever down in the Garden Route region be sure to book a spot with him as he shares his knowledge, skills, tips and tricks with you on what can only be described as a very special day! Deon is making use of a number of our salt water and fresh water REEL Fly Fishing products with an emphasis on product feedback, and long terms usage. We look forward to sharing his experiences and reviews of the products with you.