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Reel Nymphing Series of fly lines are specifically designed for fly fisherman using nymph techniques, Czech|Euro, static as well dead drifting. A specially designed taper ensures your casts are accurate as well as easy to mend. This is made easy with the unique taper that the Nymphing line has been built around, a long rear taper and body allow for effortless roll casts and mending. The short front taper allows for easy casting and loading of heavy weighted tungsten flies, strike indicators as well as large air resistant patterns.

High sensitivity is provided by the woven braided core that is the backbone to the Reel Nymphing fly fishing lines.  These lines feature a small orange tip that acts as a built in strike indicator (the end section is bright orange and floats exceptionally high as it has been treated with a new compound HFC or High Float Coat), this allows for a very low resistance drag free fly line that drastically increases strike effectiveness. Reducing the diameter of the strike indicator allows for a more subtle presentation, easier cast as well as more direct feel and visibility.

A revised outer coating with the addition of SST (super slide technology) improves the lines handling by reducing dirt and grime as well as effectively improving water repulsion that increases buoyancy further.


  • Weight: 6
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating
  • Colour: Aqua Blue with orange tip
  • Length: 100 foot
  • Specialty:  Includes 2 welded loops
  • Material: Polyethylene with both SST and HFC coatings for superior float-ability and cast-ability
  • Easy to see colour | detects even the slightest bumps/strikes | Built in orange strike indicator tip
  • Specialized taper built for nymph fishing
  • Full braided core | no stretch | easier to cast | better for hook setting | better strikes | stronger
  • The ultimate nymph specific fly fishing line

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