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Leviathan, a huge lumbering beast of the deep that dwells in the deepest darkest regions of our oceans  – there is a reason the REEL Leviathan is named after such a powerful beast. The toughest most robust and trustworthy reels that are built to take on the mightiest of catches with effortless ease and extreme stopping power. Harness the power of a Leviathan for yourself and take on the behemoths that dwell below.

The Leviathan 7 to 9 weight fly fishing reel is built to take on the toughest of conditions with its super smooth virtually maintenance free, fade free, and high heat dissipation cork drag system. A mid arbor spool design runs on 3 ultra smooth sealed stainless steel deep groove ball bearings allowing the Leviathan to be submersed in the salt water without fear of damaging your bearings.

The REEL Leviathan is the fly reel you will buy once but own for a lifetime.

“The Best of the Deep is made for the Beast of the deep ” – the front of the Leviathan series of fly reels represents the best of the deep required to fight the beasts of the deep on the rear of the fly reel. This hidden story and added detail highlights the mimicked  battle between angler and game fish, what lies above the water and below (what lies on the front of the spool and what lies behind the spool) a struggle that has waged on since the beginning of fly fishing. 

  • Weight 7 to 9
  • 3D CNC full needle point precision milling
  • 3D-Rotar balanced spool
  • All components are fully CNC machined
  • Robustly built 6061-T6 aluminum frame and spool construction
  • Hard anodized type II Jet black finish
  • Optionally* fitted with REEL Fly Fishing Ceramic|Stainless Steel Hybrid Deep Groove Shielded Ball Bearings
  • Propitiatory crushed cork drag system
  • Super low startup inertia
  • Infinite anti reverse with a extra strong anti reverse click|pawl system with deep click sound
  • Exposed spool edge to allow for additional palm control of the drag
  • Over-sized stainless steel screws attach the reel foot to the frame
  • Ventilated spool holes for heat dissipation as well as to assist drying of the fly line/backing
  • Straight pinion on spool design that will not let you down and allows for incredible stopping power
  • Reel carry pouch
  • NOTE: The cork drag system requires almost zero maintenance and only a small drop of neatsfoot oil if any “screeching” or noises occur
  • Simple to service and maintain



Bundle contains:

REEL Leviathan 5|9 Salt Water Fly Reel

Carry bag and box for fly reel

Neatsfoot oil bottle to dress and maintain the drag system

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm


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