Strike Indicators | Small | Orange | Tear Drop


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Strike indicators are an incredibly useful mini float that you attach to your fly line|leader allowing you to easily detect subtle strikes and drift location of your sub surface flies. These small tear dropped shape buoyant reusable brightly colored strike indicators are specifically built for South Africa’s often discolored rapid flowing rivers. The small size makes them easy to cast as well as offering great buoyancy even when right in the rapids and fast turbulent waters near the start of a run.

  • Easily attaches via a slit & rubberized system to your lines
  • Small tapered barrel design allows for easier casting and lower drag drifting
  • Brightly colored makes them easy to spot – even at a distance or in the fast moving water
  • Best suited for the Vaal | Orange River and similar off color water systems in South Africa
  • Price is per unit
  • Colour: Brilliant Orange


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