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“The most essential item for any fly fishing trip – and also the most frequently misplaced!” 

Landing nets are without a doubt one of the most important items that are needed whenever you head out fly fishing. Catching a fish is only half of the story, landing a fish it is what really counts and more often than not the most stressful part of any fight.

Traditionally landing nets are made from fine mesh or netting, while great in design are not too kind to your catch in the net. These nets actually damaged the fishes slime coating and scales more than they helped resulting in increased fatalities on a catch & release basis. Netting is also prone to getting stuck in fishes gills, around their fins and your favorite fly always seems to find its way into the mesh – not so easy to remove while on the river side!

Introducing the new kid on the block…or landing net v2.0

Silicone netting or rubber netting does away with all the fuss and really is the next generational leap for both anglers and fish. The silicone netting greatly reduces the damage to the fish and their slime coatings. Flies that would traditionally get stuck into mesh netting are simply and easily removed as there are no fibers in the netting, meaning no more down time after a fish is landed if you were unfortunate enough to have your fly hookup into the netting.

This lightweight landing net is perfect for a full day on the stream, river or lake or as the perfect partner to your float tubing outfit.


  • Size (Length x Width x Depth) : 
  • Colour: Hoop | Anodized in Froggy green     Netting: Black Silicone
  • Construction: Anodized aluminum hoop  |    black silicone netting  |  Robust plastic handle
  • Weight (in grams):
  • Accessories: Mini clip and bungee cord attached to rear of the handle
  • Aluminum vs wooden landing nets :  Wooden nets while beautiful to look at have some disadvantages | heavier | can crack and break | can get affected by prolonged exposure to the elements.  Aluminum has a host of advantages | lighter |  can bend and change shape without breaking |  does not get affected by prolonged exposure to the elements |  however not as traditional as wooden nets and tend to sink rather than float


Essential Accessories:

Magnetic net release


Backing up the facts:

Be sure to have a read up on the information that is out there, below are just a few studies conducted that highlight the benefits of silicone landing nets. Be a sport and change that classical mesh net for something that not only helps future generations of fish but the future of fly fishing as a whole!

Back Country Chronicles 

Chinook Observer

Bow ‘n Arrows 




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