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The Stream Supreme

RF Fishing sends countless hours testing and developing each of our fly lines to ensure that you get the very best quality. Rhodes in the Eastern Cape is one of our favorite locations to target small stream Rainbow and Brown Trout. Dedication on the water has allowed us the to develop a range of light weight fly lines for smaller streams. The Stream Supreme fly lines are centered around light weight floating and taper specifics that maximize your drifts, casts and accuracy.. The 3 lines weights offered have been adjusted to allow for greater versatility through their low line flash colours and bi-tonal design.


The Taper

A fine tuned taper offers exceptional wet and dry fly performance when using smaller patterns. The more refined tapers on the front and read of the body provide the lines with great all round functionally. The average length body give you enough power to roll cast nymphs and mend lines with ease.  The Stream Supreme is one of our most refined fly lines and offers great performance on a variety of medium to fast action fly rods.


The Core

All our fly lines at RF Fishing make use of a multi-strand braided core construction. The advantages of our braided core technology mean no stretch, no memory and vastly improved feedback into your fly rod and hands. PE/Polyethylene is an incredible strong fiber that makes up the core of all RF Fishing lines. Braided fibers offer high strength to weight and diameter ratios but also gives fly lines some rigidity or back bone. Utilizing the rigidity provided by braid we can adjust the coating parameters for each specific fly fishing line giving you the best performance in each respective area. Braided multi-strand cores give our fly lines almost zero memory, and make the fly lines incredibly limp.


The Specs
  • Over Weight Forward Floating  |  1 – 3 wt
  • Type  |  Fresh Water
  • Connection  |  Reinforced welded loops on both ends
  • Color  |  Olive & Cream
  • Length in feet  |  65 – 75
  • Outer Coating  |  PVC outer coating
  • Core   |  Braided multi-strand core

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