Rod Building Epoxy | Wrapping Epoxy


  • 20ml kit
  • 40ml kit
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To complete your custom fly rod you will need to epoxy the wrapping threads, and finishing touches. The most critical point of rod building epoxy is its clarity and work ability.  RF Fishing has developed a range of crystal clear professional rod building epoxies that are easily mixed and applied. Once cured the epoxy will remain clear and strong for years to come.


  • Available in 20 ml  and 40 ml bottles  |  each kit contains 2 x 20 ml bottles or 2 x 40 ml bottles
  • Dries crystal clear
  • Minimal bubbling  |  if any occurs simply heat slightly to remove bubbles
  • Best applied at room temperature   |   in winter you may need to warm epoxies slightly if the epoxy is too thick
  • Used on our very own custom and stock fly fishing rods under the RF Fishing brand


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20ml kit, 40ml kit


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