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REEL Submerged Tip is a fly line specifically designed to offer the benefits of both a sinking and floating line wrapped up in one unit.

The front 15 foot of the fly line is weighted (3IPS) , the body changes into a traditional floating fly line that offers superb buoyancy, tag ability and tactility. The submerged tip configuration is great for fast flowing rivers and large still waters where it aids to take your flies down to the desired depth while still offering the tag-ability of a floating fly line.

With a full sinking line the entire line sinks, whereas with the Submerged Tip you can drift flies at a different depth as the body of the line acts as a “float” so to speak allowing for some unique approaches to techniques and patterns.


  • Weight:(WF7FS)
  • Type: Sinking Tip 3 IPS (first 15 foot)  – Floating Body (65 foot)
  • Shape: Weight forward  (WF)
  • Colour:  Deep Brown and Lime Green   |   Dual Colour
  • Connectivity  Includes 2 welded loops
  • Length:  80 f00t  | 15 foot sinking | 65 foot floating
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating & Sinking
  • Coating Construction: Polyethylene
  • Core: REEL Braided Core improves casting timing, hook set, mending and loop stability
  • Usability: Super smooth and easy casting fly lie with very low memory which is achieved through the REEL braided core
  • Purpose built fly line that offers exception feedback, uniform sink rate on the front section as well as quick responsiveness

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm


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