REEL Start WF8S | 3 IPS | Earthly Brown


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The REEL Start Series of fly lines have been designed to with the perfect combination of features, affordability and usability. The weighted outer material is built around a strong braided core with almost no memory that offers superb feedback, loop stability and accuracy. Visibility is always a huge factor while fly fishing in both casting and retrieval,  by offering a neutral/darker colour in the water channel it allows for a more stealthy approach and lower sub-surface line visibility for your targeted species resulting in a better hook-up rate with more strikes.


  • Weight: 8
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Sinking Line 3 IPS (uniform sink rate across all areas of the fly line   |   normal sink rate    |    sub-surface fly line
  • Taper | Shape: Weight Forward   |   WF
  • Length:  100 foot
  • Color:  Earthly Brown
  • Specialty: streamers   |   nymphs   |   large sub-surface patterns   |   distance casting   |   large rivers   |   lakes   |   still  waters   |   light salt water applications (extra care and cleaning required)
  • Coating Material: Polyethylene with weighted additives
  • Core Construction: Full multi-strand braided core   |    minimal stretch   |   minimal memory   |   excellent feedback
  • Smooth, supple and easy casting fly line that works on a number of different action fly fishing rods

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