Mono 2X Tippet Line 50m Spool


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Mono filament or traditional fishing line is the most widely used fishing product in the world, weather it be for sailfish or hand lines. The make up of the line itself remains fairly similar on a chemical basis however REEL Fly fishing tippets and REEL Mono Filaments that are used to attach your flies are quite a bit more advanced and have special additives and chemicals that allow for stronger lines with reduced diameters while still remaining clear making it more difficult for fish to detect them on and in the water.

The use of mono filament is greatly appreciated when stalking rising fish that are feeding on the surface, as well as for general purpose nymphing and fly fishing..  One of the more uncommon known facts about mono filament is that it tends to float more on the surface|meniscus of water unlike that of fluorocarbon tippet material – this a why it is greatly suitable for dry fly fishing and can aid in keeping your pattern afloat – this is not to say mono does not sink but it offers more “float-ability and is preferable to fluorocarbon when dry fly fishing . If you switch to a wet fly then the use of REEL Fluorocarbon or REEL Mono can be used based on the water clarity and personal preference.

  • length: 50 meter spool
  • Strength: 2X
  • Colour: Clear | Transparent
  • REEL Mono Filament can float on the water surface|meniscus unlike that of fluorocarbon
  • Use: Wet flies | Dry flies | Nymphs | Dragons | Stream | Rivers | Trout | Still Waters | Yellow Fish | Sterkfontein Dam | Tippet

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