20 lb Fly backing | 100 yards | Colour Selection


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Fly reel backing or fly line backing is essential, it forms part of the basic requirements for any fly fishing setup. Fly line backing is essentially extra line that allows the fish to run long distances without the fear of running out of capacity and potentially losing your fly line and backing. Salt water fly fishing setups require much larger amounts of backing capacity (minimum 200 yards) whereas 100 yards for fresh water fly fishing is generally accepted as sufficient backing line capacity. REEL Fly Fishing utilizes multi-strand braided backing to ensure minimal stretch over long distances as well as high strength and good abrasion resistance ensuring your hookup becomes a catch.

  • Breaking Strain: 9 kg  | 20 lb
  • Colour: Wasabi Green | Sky Blue | Bright Orange | Rose Pink | Bright Yellow | White & Black | Yellow & Black | Deep Purple | Bright White
  • Length: 91.4 meter |  100 yards
  • Construction: Polyester multi-strand braid
  • High strength | Zero Stretch | Zero Memory | High Visibility
  • Backing spool included

Additional information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm
20lb backing colour

Bright Orange, Bright White, Bright Yellow, Deep Purple, Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Wasabi Green, White & Black, Yellow & Black


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