Reel Seats


  • 3K Carbon and Black
  • Black & Wooden
  • Bright Silver & Wooden
  • Bronze and Dark Wooden
  • Cork & Gun Metal
  • Gun Metal and Wooden
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Fly rod reel seats offer a number of different pros and cons based on its design and intended use. Not only does a fly reel seat balance the overall rod out but also can greatly affect overall weight and usage.


Building a small stream light weight fly rod then a lighter weight cork style reel seat is a great match. Heavier fly rods where there is more pressure and strain on the fly reel require a more robust and durable reel seat, double unlocking reel seats are secure option and greatly reduce the change of the reel becoming loose over the course of a days fishing,


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3K Carbon and Black, Black & Wooden, Bright Silver & Wooden, Bronze and Dark Wooden, Cork & Gun Metal, Gun Metal and Wooden


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