Fluorocarbon Tapered Leader 3X | 9′ | Looped


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Fluorocarbon tapered leaders are one of REEL Fly Fishing latest innovations, these smooth,strong and easy to cast leaders are the ultimate subsurface leaders. They work exceptionally well in clear still waters and lakes where fish visibility is a big factor in your strike rate. Making use of REEL Fly Fishing’s Fluorocarbon leaders and tippets will help to effectively make the line from your fly line almost invisible and will greatly aid in increasing your strike rate.

Fluorocarbon tippets and leaders sink in comparison to regular mono-filament making them well suited to any sub-surface fly fishing application, if you are looking to use dry flies remember to change/use a REEL Mono-Filament tapered leader and tippet setup.


Strength: 3 X

Length: 9′ (9 foot)

Colour: Clear

Attachment: Looped end

Type: Tapered from thick to thin (end being 3X)

Application: Wet flies | Sub-surface | Clear Lakes | Rivers | Streams | Dams | Still Waters

Abrasion resistance: High due to the added hardness fluorocarbon provides in the line

Fluorocarbon percentage: 100%



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