Flat Butt Tapered Leader | 15′ | 5X | Yellow & Clear


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The REEL Flat Butt tapered leaders represent the next generation of tapered leaders for fly fishing. Utilizing innovation materials and a refined taper construction allows the FINESSE range of leaders to bring your fly presentation to a completely new level.

Reduction in the overall weight of the leader was a key factor in the design, by combining a rounder section at the tip and butt with that of a flat middle section resulted in the perfect balance. The flat section has a very low “side” profile allowing for much lower friction while casting, however this same thin sections’ other side is flatter which increases the surface area while lying on the waters meniscus. Flatt butt tapered leaders are the ultimate for dry flies with their increased energy transfer and fly turn. They are also well suited to nymphs and streamers alike.

Enjoy the next evolution of tapered fly fishing leaders with our new REEL FLY FISHING FINESSE range :  FLAT BUTT TAPERED LEADER

Length(feet) : 15′

Rating : 5X

Strength (lbs) : 3.5

Colour: Yellow & Clear




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