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Modern fly rods are made from a host of different materials and additives that when combined have a drastic effect on the action, weight and style of the fly fishing rod. REEL Fly Fishing offers three distinct different classes of fly rod; carbon fiber or graphite, split cane or bamboo, fiberglass and fiberglass composite. Each different type of fly rod offers something unique to the material and saying one material is superior to another would be incorrect.


Carbon fiber or graphite fly rods

These are by far the most common and widely available fly fishing rods on the market and can be made from entry level 24T carbon fiber or the ultra high end 50-60T Toray carbon fiber. Knowing what these number correlate to and the use-age for each can help when making your next purchase. The letter “T” stands for tonnage and is a measure of the tensile strength of the fibers. The rating of these fibers is broken down into the number before the “T”, generally with fly fishing rods it starts at 24 and tops out at 48. The lower the number (ie: 24) the less stiff, brittle and lightweight the material is, whereas the higher end (ie: 48) is much stiffer, more brittle and considerably lighter.  Choosing a fly rod comes down to a host of factors but selecting the right material can help guide your selection, if you are looking for a more medium|fast style fly rod then the materials that should be focused on would be 24T, 30T and 36T. If you are looking for a fast action fly rod then materials in the range of 36T, 40T and 46T would be where you want to focus your selection.

In each of these ranges there are different qualities yet again, the 30T carbon of one company can be very different to that of another companies 30T for example. REEL Fly fishing, just like other reputable brands makes use of either Korean|SK carbon or Japanese|Toray carbon. Getting the very most of carbon fiber allows for a diverse range of fly rod actions through either exclusive use of a material grade or through mixing the grades for hybrid style fly rods that can be stiff (40T) in the base sections but with more flex (30T) in the tip sections. Be sure to checkout the full specifications on each of our fly rods when making your selection to better guide you in your choice.

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Fiber glass & Fiber glass composite fly rod

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Bamboo or split cane fly rods

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