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Reel Fly Fishing is proud to offer our new Tungsten Beads, they are the quickest way to get your flies down to where the fish are feeding. Commonly used on a variety of fly patterns in all types of fresh water conditions as well as counter weights for some salt water patterns. Tungsten beads are particularly effective for Yellow Fish and Mud Fish due to them feeding on and near the bottom, with a tungsten bead equipped your fly will bounce along the floor/strike zone right into their feeding path.

We are offering a launch special price on all Tungsten beads, where you can choose exactly how many you want to pay for. Prices are per bead and model dependent.


  • Sizes available: 2mm | 2.4mm  |  2.8mm  | 3mm | 3,3mm | 3.8mm | 4.6mm | 5.5mm
  • Colours available: Fluo Orange | Jet Black | Golden | Copper | Fluo Yellow  |  Metallic Red  |  Metallic Green  |  Metallic Rainbow  |  Fluo Pink  |  Fluo Green  |  Metallic Blue
  • Material: 100% Tungsten
  • Coating: Durable hardened finish with colour pre-impregnated into the coating
  • Type: Round with through hole  |  Counter Sunk

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tungsten beads

2.4mm Fluo Green, 2.4mm Fluo Pink, 2.4mm Metallic Blue, 2.4mm Metallic Green, 2.8mm Fluo Red, 2.8mm Metallic Rainbow, 2mm Fluo Red, 2mm Metallic Blue, 2mm Metallic Rainbow, 3.3mm Fluo Green, 3.3mm Fluo Pink, 3.3mm Metallic Blue, 3.3mm Metallic Green, 3.8mm Copper, 4.6mm Copper, 4.6mm Fluo Green, 4.6mm Fluo Orange, 4.6mm Golden, 4.6mm Jet Black, 4.6mm Metallic Blue, 5.5mm Fluo Orange, 2.4mm Copper, 2.4mm Fluo Orange, 2.4mm Jet Black, 2mm Fluo Orange, 2mm Jet Black, 3mm Fluo Orange, 3mm Fluo Yellow, 3mm Golden, 3mm Jet Black


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